Sunshine Simmons

I believe that the performing and education worlds are inextricably linked. A teacher of the clarinet cannot educate future generations without carving out her own personal goals for musical growth. A performer of the clarinet must always be challenging herself, questioning and analyzing, seeking new and innovative ways to accomplish goals and studying the masters of the instrument who have come before. We should never separate these two paths that must constantly intersect to create the whole musician.

Each student has a unique background, personality and set of goals. Therefore, no one methodology will ever suffice in the education process. It has always been important to me to respond to the student’s needs as best serves his objectives, keeping in mind that every student brings a decidedly different mixture of experiences to the table. The sum total of this variety provides an incredible opportunity for UNF clarinetists to learn from each and every member of the studio.

I am honored to mentor and guide such gifted and devoted students at the University of North Florida’s School of Music. It is my goal to help each student reach the height of their musical potential and my privilege to see them develop into outstanding contributors in our society.

Dr. Sunshine Simmons
Assistant Professor of Clarinet